Safety and Quality are paramount. AGC strives for "Zero Defects" every day and does not compromise on Quality.

AGC's Quality mindset and quality management system are our pillars, enabling vehicles to meet international safety standards.

Our advanced quality is based on employee involvement and the continuous development of best practice. Our carefully selected suppliers and service providers must respect and follow our strict automotive quality standards.

Growing in/on glass integration of ADAS and AD sensors further enhance safety, comfort, design and connectivity, reinforcing the importance of AGC Quality values and Quality Approach.

Quality products and services from AGC Automotive

Improving safety, comfort, style and connectivity through our innovative glazing products and solutions.

Grasping trends, anticipating the transport of tomorrow and supporting vehicle manufacturers to create added-value solutions is at the heart of our innovation strategy.

As cars become increasingly connected, our skilled R&D engineers have developed advanced technology to integrate antennas within the glass, offering a perfect solution to the growing need of multiple high performance antennas on one vehicle, without disrupting the lines of the vehicle design.

In-depth market research ensures we meet our end-users' needs.

The diversity that AGC Automotive can combine (safety, convenience, wellbeing, style, seamless connectivity) results in an all-in-one concept tailored to the demand of the final consumer.

Smart city quality connectivity

Offering a complete and high level of tailored customer service

To meet the growing demand of customers' desires, vehicle manufacturers are broadening their customization options.

From design to production, building 'cars a la carte' makes the process more complex.

AGC Automotive has embraced this ultra-customization trend by developing our “customer intimacy” approach.

We have engineering teams totally dedicated to each customer. By working this close to the client, they succeed in co-developing innovative, efficient and more personalized solutions.

Our supply chain department plays a key role in our vision of full service. We take pride in our ability to deliver to our clients on time, every time.

Our highly trained, multilingual and experienced staff are available 7 days a week to quickly remedy any supply issues.

quality customer service

Moving closer to our customers by continuously expanding our global footprint.

Competition between car manufacturers is intensifying and has become global.

To reduce production and logistical costs, and to supply vehicles with regional variations the location of manufacturing plants has become a strategic element.

As a key partner in the value chain, AGC Automotive thinks globally and considers the footprint of its factories as essential to its business strategy. To provide quality services and products to our customers, we have steadily and strategically expanded our global presence to provide value-add operations closer to our customers.

Our main R & D centers, 'Places of Excellence', are located strategically for our customers: Japan-Asia Pacific ; Europe, and USA.

Quality global footprint


Designing and producing a car is extremely complex, especially because of the large number of parties involved.

For car manufacturers, the quality and the stability of the relationships with these numerous suppliers is essential.

At AGC Automotive, our long experience and expertise means we have become more than a supplier, we are a partner for our customers;

As a key partner, we are constantly looking to discover and understand the challenges of our clients. We aim at anticipating their needs to find innovative ideas that comply with the most stringent requirements and build solutions to deliver long term benefits to all.

Learning from everyday contacts, audits or market research enables us to continuously improve our position as reliable provider and constantly upgrade our performance, our ears are always open to feedback.

the quality and the stability of the relationships