Best passenger comfort from the widest range of high performance coated glass
Infinite combinations of opto-energetical & acoustic characterics to fulfill the most demanding specifications. AGC Highly Insulating glass offers the best combinations between light transmission, thermal insulation and solar protection and can include low emissivity and solar control
An outstanding aesthetic combining performance and technical specifications
Environmentally friendly
Trends & Needs
Thermal comfort
Emissions reduction
Save planet
Side windows
High insulating glass is two or more layers of glass assembled around a spacer. The sheets of glass can be given specific coatings that enhance the insulation and solar control properties. Unbeatable thermal insulation (U-value) and greenhouse effect (solar control) performance.
Thermal insulation, keeps the warmth inside during the winter, without compromising on natural light

Solar control, prevents overheating and maintains excellent thermal insulation
High Insulating Glass for specialist automotive applications are always tailored to the specific requirements discussed between the client and AGC :

--- Safety
--- Comfort
--- Standards
--- Use and speed of the vehicle
--- Engraving requirements
--- Opto-energetic requirements
--- Geographical location of use
--- Target weight
--- Aesthetic factors (ie. color and reflection level)
--- Noise reduction target
--- Projected lifespan
--- Environmental requirements
--- Life cycle cost
High insulating glass dramatically improves passenger comfort : Keeping vehicles and their occupants cool in summer, staying warm in winter with no glare
This type of glass is available in a wide range of colors. It can be adapted to maximize or minimize light transmission entering the vehicle
High insulating glass complies fully with safety requirements :
--- use of safety tempered and/or laminated glass
Environmentally friendly: High insulating glass decreases the operating costs of the vehicle, by reducing the use of climate control systems, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
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Technical information
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